Landscapes provoke such immense emotions in us all.  From a wild, rocky coastline, to a newly ploughed field; from the most modern of cities to our ancient landscapes, with their standing stones, circles and forts,  they tell a story.

Generations of our ancestors have chosen to gather there, to live and worship and to work with nature in its extremes.  These tales are an integral part of who we are.  Constantly amazed by the simple beauty of the world we live in, much of my work and the photography which inspires, it reflects the places I have visited – from the jungles of Borneo to my local countryside and the Suffolk coast I love so much.

When stitching, I almost always have a finished textile in mind, but am always willing to be distracted and take a new direction, letting every piece grow organically.  More recently I have included much more painting creating big skies and clouds formations and linking my work to poetry and prose.

I sell my work through my solo exhibitions, at the FolkEast festival in Suffolk and at the Sheepshed Gallery in Hampshire, but I do have cards and prints available to buy through my Etsy Shop.

If you would like to buy or commission a unique textile piece then please take a look at the work on this site and contact me via email.

To keep up to date on my current projects you can follow me on Facebook, Instagram and via the blog.

Best wishes


PS ……  And the name SixtyFourPackingCases?

When I returned home after two years living in the Far East I had 64 packing cases delivered ……… and yes, most of them seemed to contain fabric and threads!